Crystal George, M.S., LPC, CRC, CVE

Offering Individual and Couples Counseling

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What to Expect

If you are new to therapy, you may find it challenging at first to be yourself, thinking you need to put your best foot forward. I am not here to judge or critique you. I am here to provide a safe space where you can grow and find acceptance and comfort. 

Our initial session will be used to discuss your purpose for seeking counseling, my role as the therapist, and what you would like to achieve in our time together. Relying on Cognitive Behavioral, Reality, Solution-Focused, and Person-Centered therapies, strategies utilized during sessions may include problem-solving, understanding the relationships between beliefs, thoughts, and feelings, as well as focusing on the present. Since the sessions are about you, there is an expectation you will be actively engaged and willing to do the hardwork necessary for growth to occur.

What you can expect with me as your therapist:

  1. Challenges to set goals and make progress towards them.
  2. Celebration of the victories and growth, no matter how insignificant you may feel they are.
  3. Support and guidance, but I can assure you I do not have all the answers.
  4. An open-mind and a non-judgmental heart.
  5. An advocate who will consistently promote autonomy and informed choice.
  6. A safe space where you can be yourself (feel free to swear/curse, just let it out).

Growth is uncomfortable. There may be tears, smiles, setbacks, and HUGE leaps forward, but no matter what, there will be support.